Behind the Scenes of The Girls With Glasses

People always ask us, “How do you come up with ideas?” “How do you balance work and motherhood?” “Do we ever run out of ideas?” This video will give a little peak into our lives, and what goes into each video that you see on YouTube. Thank you to HP and Intel for collaborate with us and sponsoring this video. We had a blast working on our awesomely colorful personal computers, and as moms really appreciated not having to worry about Wi-Fi. Check out more videos in this campaign by searching #workfromhappyplace, and more about the computers here:  Have a great Wednesday!


Brooke and Summer


Heather Audrey Lapier:

You guys are the bomb! Thanks for sharing this process! I was wondering, do you guys set a budget for your DIYs and other projects that require the purchase of materials?


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