The Fashion of A Million Reasons Mom Parody!

I’m gonna be honest here, we threw this video together in about an hour, which isn’t a lot of time for a music video. We usually take a full day, but we didn’t have a full day, we had an hour, and it was a pretty crazy hour at that, filled with kids crying, running around, and trying to get something before the sun went down. With all that, we really love to wear these outfits in our real life, which isn’t the case for some of our parody videos, ha ha! Below are links if you saw something you liked and wanted to have one for yourself.

Sorry I’m Late Tee –

I Did My Best –

Summer’s sweater –

Brooke’s jacket – H&M from 2 years ago, it’s probably long gone and we can’t find anything else online that is similar. Sorry!!

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Whitney Bennett:

I love your new, great, genius new music video!!:) You & Summer always do them so cleverly, so cute & so cool!!:) You guys look great in all of them, too:)


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