New App Helps You Do Good

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.21.51 PMIf you are the type of person that wants to do good in the world, but doesn’t know where to start, I’ve got the app for you. It’s called Time Machine, and it works with charities, brands, and good causes, to help build movements online and beyond. Download the free app here (Android coming soon), and your good karma could land you VIP at the sold-out Imagine Dragons show in Salt Lake City. That’s not all, the more good deeds you do and share on social media the more free stuff you could win. It’s a great app to do with your kids too. They’ll learn a multi-fassetted lesson about using technology for good, being aware of those around you, and being a positive force in this world. The tasks are varied, from simply taking a picture of a living thing, to volunteering at a hospital. Here’s their website to get more information, And if you want to get in on the Imagine Dragons’ show, hop to it, that campaign ends on July 28th. Let me know if you sign up, and how you like it.


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