Magic of Christmas


Brooke and Summer share 5 of their favorite things to keep the Christmas spirit alive. 1. Hot Chocolate, 2. Snow (Even in Arizona and California you can find snow) 3. Christmas Trees 4. Ice Skating, and lastly Train Rides to Santa. Most of these things we were able to do at The Four Season’s in Westlake. If you live close, you should come visit. More info here:



Alexandra C.:

So sweet, it looks like your littles had so much fun! I am still waiting on snow here in KS the weather is bipolar as always… from 20 – 55 in a few days… oh well. Eventually, the snow will fall! My hubby and I did one of our traditions which is an at-home movie night of ‘Love Actually’ and Peppermint Hotscnaapslate. Though peppermint hotchocolate would be good too.. 🙂 XO -Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


What a fun tradition! I love it. We’ll have to add that to our list!


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