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Brooke and I took on Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, but if Iggy was a momma. Motherhood never looked so funny, or messy, or gross, or wonderful. (Video here and below)

Special Thanks to Kerry Bellessa for directing, Justin and Amelia Lyon, Josh Oram, Dave Ray, Priscilla Chang, Tracy Ream, and Stephanie Jones. And Kevin Haaland for producing the song. It was a fun day of shooting, and we couldn’t of done it without you! See below for clothing credits.


These fancy dresses were found at Goodwill for $6 each. So fancy.


Brooke’s “I Hate Mondays” tee is from Target, along with all our jewelry. Summer’s “So Fresh So Clean” shirt is from Forever 21.

not fancy

Summer’s shirt is from Albion Fit, Jeans from Lulu*s, and shoes from Forever 21. Brooke’s shirt is from Target, and jeans are from Goodwill. You know you want ‘em. London’s mocs are Freshly Picked, Rockwell’s Lennon tee is from Passive Juice Motel, and Phoenix’s lion tee is from Indie Nookfancy_swim

Brooke’s suit is from Albion Fit, sunglasses and hat from Lulu*s. Summer’s hat is from H&M, sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse, and shirt from Forever 21.

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“I’m Not Fancy”

“I’m Not Fancy”

First things first, I’m the meanest (meanest)
Drop rules, let the whole fam feel it (let them feel it)
Love being in the momma business
I literally hold you down, give you lessons in physics (Right)
Not everybody want to be a mom like this (Huh?)
Drop your bink I pick it up just like this (Yeah)
Cup of milk, cup of juice, grocery list
High heels, iced out, fancy swag will be missed  (Will be missed)
Up, down, back and forth, always chase that (Always)
Wishin we could bring prekids ’2008 back (What?)
Bring the books in, where the kids at?
Koolade spillin’, you should wash that

I’m not fancy.
Kids’ve made it so.
Riding carpool
From Target to Costco
I’ve got family
And that’s better than gold?
I’m not in the game,
but I wouldn’t let this go

I said, “Baby, don’t say that, I thought that you knew that”
Don’t be a hater, just love your neighbor.
Don’t say retarded, dumb, or I farted.
Kids hangin on me, I can’t shop at no department
Can’t get anywhere on time, my social life has declined
I swear I mean it so much I’ll give that line a rewind
Can’t get anywhere on time, my social life has declined
I don’t worry bout no back-bitas, too busy cleaning behinds
Now tell me, who that, who that? That do that, do that?
Givin hugs, spreading love, I thought you knew that, knew that
We be that GWG, we’re not feeling old
We’re just moms, working hard, lots of laundry to fold.

I’m not fancy
Kids’ve made it so.
Riding carpool
From Target to Costco
I’ve got family
That’s better then gold?
Not in the game,
but I wouldn’t let this go

Trash the whole house
Get milk drunk on your momma’s boobs
Can’t make phone calls
Chaos is not what I want
Screamin keeps going up
Swings are swinging, we give them a duck
Deep breath, I still feel deluxe
Everything expensive I don’t get to touch

Making spaghetti they don’t love that
Got the kiddos throwing food, how I hate that
Baby girl, mom says no, you gotta eat that
Family bond bet you wishing you could have that
That’s just the way my life is, huh?
It’s all good, when you got a little family, huh.
Make it worth every day
Playing with toys, making noise, without pay.

I’m not fancy
Got a two year old.
I’m stuck in the slow lane
Singing along to Elmo.
I’ve got family
That’s better then gold?
I’ve got no shame,
but I’ve got dinner on the stove.

Chew that, chew that, GWG
Who do that, do that, GWG
Chew that, chew that, GWG

Someone pooped on the floor.

Who that, who that GWG
Who do that, do that, GWG
Who that, who that, GWG

Go, oh oh, oh oh… get your dad.


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  1. Hahaha! Oh my heck, I’m loving this so much

  2. Jessica K says:

    Well… That was amazing.

  3. amazing ladies!

  4. Kelly Jo says:

    You two are so refreshing!! This video rocks and the lyrics are making me laugh out loud. At work. Thank you for finding humor and fun in everyday life, I’m new to your blog and am loving it all!

  5. Great job ladies! I am due with my first child August 27, you ladies are keeping it real and making motherhood look like fun too. Everyday life is great and should be celebrated!

  6. literally accurate for teachers of young kids too!! haha

  7. Oh my gosh I love this!! You girls nailed it! I just found your blog via facebook and can’t wait to start reading {durning naptime or late at night of course} :) I can’t say enough how awesome your version is! Thanks for making my day!

  8. you girls are hilarious. and really good rappers. :)

  9. I love this! So true! I also love the gold sparkly glasses and her high waisted swim bottoms! Where are they from

  10. This is the best thing ever! Totally made my day.

  11. so funny! mind if i share on my blog?

  12. Just the funniest damn thing ever. So so brilliant! Meet your newest fangirl.

  13. This is amazing!

  14. LOVE THIS!

  15. OMG love love love!

  16. I L-O-V-E, love this song! I’ve shared it with all of my mommy friends and they love it too! It makes me feel so much cooler as I’m driving from Target to Costco.

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