Happy Wednesday Lovers! Hope you are having a fine week, and that your toddler hasn’t learned how to escape her crib, left your wallet at home, then thought you lost it in target when you went to pay for your cart full of stuff, then had to take away the half eaten package of gold fish crackers that you gave to your kid to keep her from going crazytown while shopping but couldn’t pay for, but then went crazytown when you pried them from her little chubby hands and handed them to the cashier and she (the baby) cried SO loud and it was sad… but then the super nice lady behind you saves the day with the beloved Goldfish crackers that she paid for and comes and finds you frantically running through the store with sad sorrowful screaming baby looking for lost wallet that was really sitting on the desk at home. Thank you nice lady, thank you so much. True Story. Good times, all is well!

Anywho, have I got a fun project for you that will sweeten up your walls all February and beyond. Yes I am talking about a red glittery heart of enormous proportions, made of two canvas’ (buy one get one free right now at Michaels), some modge podge glue and a heap of gorgeous glitter. Actually you can adapt this to any size you please, or any color for that matter. I don’t know about you, but I love seasonal art, it’s festive, it’s fun and nice to change things up right? I am always looking for large scale pieces, however finding something huge that isn’t cheezy, and not a million dollars is a rarity. So, I make my own, and you can too! I promise it’s super easy, and if you don’t have the michael’s or Joann’s app on your phone, you should download it cause you can always find at least 40- 50% one item coupon to help you save some green. Whether you’ve got some time after work, or a sleeping baby, get ready to glitter!

PS- If you do this craft, take an instagram of it and tag us @thegwgshow… We wanna see your hearts!!


: ) Brooke

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  1. yesssss! i love love LOVE!

  2. So cute! too bad for me that Valentine’s is so close, but maybe I’ll make it anyway so I have some sort of decoration for next year’s February. Also, your house is so gorgeous!

  3. Very fun craft. I also agree that your home is darling…I’d like a tour, please.

  4. voila!

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