Guys With Babies

Brooke and I are really excited to be heading back to Altitude Summit this month. Our husbands and babies are tagging along, to play in the snow and get into as much trouble as possible. If you're significant others are in Salt Lake City on January 24th or 25th, and are interested in meeting up with them let us know.
Email us at the gwg show (at) gmail (dot) com.

Discovery at Gateway Mall
$8.50 (under 2 free)
light rail goes directly to the mall

Indoor Pool at Grand America
$10 per room
(Little America pool is free)

Natural History Museum
$8 (under 3 free)

Gellato at La Bonne Viecell phone spying
(In Grand America)




They also might want to check out the downtown library (on Trax or a quick walk from the Grand) and the great play center in the food court at the City Center mall (on Trax).

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