Easter Basket Ideas

This week, I was invited to a little Easter event with Tubby Todd and Seedling. It was a blast, and the kids loved the Easter egg hunt, decorating Foodstir cookies, and listening to Love Bug & Me Music. I put together a few things they gifted to us, and some things I already had, to give you some ideas for your little ones Easter Basket.


Especially for Boys:

Basket: Plum & Sparrow

Mask: Opposite of Far

Book: Baby Lit

Rubber ducky: Oli & Carol

Bubble Bath and Lotion: Tubby Todd

Little Toys and Bunny Ears: Seedling

Cute Cup w/ Wall Hanger: Puj


Especially for Girls:

Basket: Plum & Sparrow

Mask: Opposite of Far

Book: Baby Lit

Teether and Rubber ducky: Oli & Carol

Bubble Bath and Lotion: Tubby Todd

Little Toys: Seedling

Cute Cup w/ Wall Hanger: Puj

I would love to hear what you include in your kiddos baskets, I’m always looking for good things, that aren’t just sugar! Have a great Easter!!

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