Don’t Compare!!


Brooke and I are trying something new this week. We’re just sitting down to chat with you. What’s on our minds? Comparison. With pinterest, instagram, and Facebook posts updating every minute, it’s hard not to compare the dirty details of your life with someone else’s highlight reel. We discuss the problems that come with comparing yourselves to other people, even us! It’s really hard not to do it, but we have a few ideas to help you stop this behavior and lead a compare free life. Or at least keep your comparisons in check. Have you ever had to deal with this?

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Have a great Wednesday everybody!





Great video ladies. I find myself stuck in the comparison trap more often than I’d like to be and I’m not even on Instagram! lol. As a blog reader I do find so much inspiration from the blogs I follow but it can be hard to not compare. I think you’ve got some great advice here.

Molly // TLP:

Thanks for the video girls. Been doing a lot of blogger comparing and this vid definitely helped.

Ps. Where are summers shoes from? Love.

Sammy Langberg:

One of my favorite videos from you ladies! Comparison is a dangerous trap that brings nothing but insecurity and dissatisfaction. It’s something i’ve been working on as well.


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