Tips For First Haircuts

This video isn’t my boys’ first haircuts, but it made me think of all the ways I have figured out how to make the experience a success. So I decided to share with you my tips for happy first hair cuts. 1. Prep your kiddo by telling them what to expect and sharing how great… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // How To Get Ready in 5 Minutes

How to Get ready in 5 minutes

Once that little alarm clock comes running through the door, sound the trumpets and it’s off to the races and ain’t nobody got more than five minutes to get ready in the morning! I know that if I don’t just get it done quick I am bound to be in my jammies all day, and… [READ MORE]


Crown Cupcake Toppers

From the crown braid to crown cupcakes! We’re on a real crown kick! We brought back our gal pal/ GWG production assistant/expert cake decorator Priscilla Chang to show us how to make a simple royal topper for your cupcakes! These would be great for a baby or bridal shower, to celebrate the queen of honor,… [READ MORE]


Crown Braid Tutorial for Your Littles

  Happy Mom Beauty Monday! So I’ve been doing quite a few inverted crown braids for my princess Loo, per her request. I’ve also had oodles of requests for a video tutorial of how to do it so we finally made it happen! I’ve previously posted a crown braid DIY on my own hair, but… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Are Your Kids On the Phone Too Much?


Let’s be honest, we love our digital devices! We couldn’t survive without them. We use them for work, to connect, to document, to stay organized and sometimes we even share them with our kids to entertain and educate them… aaand maybe calm and distract them. However, lately we have noticed that “sometimes” is turning into… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // We Love Stripes

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.26.12 AM

Brooke and I roped our families into the video today. The videos about how much we love stripes. They are great for everyone, and look so classic and fun. Do you love stripes? Thanks to Boden for gifting our family these stripes. To get some for you or your family check out their website here… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // We Let Our Toddlers Do Our Makeup!

Toddler Make-Up

I don’t think we really knew what we were getting into when we told our toddlers we would let them do our makeup. Brooke’s daughter, London, is three, and was the leading force of this #toddlermakeup movement. While my boys, Rockwell, 4, and Phoenix, 2, were less enthusiastic, but still game to experiment with mommy’s… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Super Kiddos (Super Mom Music Video)

GWG Delmonte web-8764

We love to create original songs. This music video is sponsored by Del Monte, and was inspired by new Del Monte Fruit and Veggie Fusions, a taste blend of lightly sweetened vegetable and fruit juice and fruit in each cup. They are the perfect sidekick to accompany your Super Kiddos through their busy days and… [READ MORE]

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