VIDEO // Drive Up The Coast


Kerry and I took the family from Topanga Canyon in California, all the way to Portland, OR. If you’re planning a trip up the 101, you’ll have to check out wear we stopped and what we did along the way. It was such an amazing trip, and I’m going to cherish this video for the… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // 5 Random Things

We share 5 more random things that we’re liking this week. Links to Products: Chat Books Code: GLASS1 for your first book free in your instagram subscription (must be first-time subscriber and print at least 3 books). Bloke Birkenstocks Coloring Book My Charge Want to have the girls try your product? Email thegwgshow at gmail… [READ MORE]

See Wendy Nguyen’s House Tour


Summer interviewed and checked out Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook home in the downtown Los Angeles area! Watch the video here. How adorable is Wendy and her stylish loft? She explains her style as industrial elegance. It’s a mix of soft lux items and hard metal ones. It’s all about contrast.

Video // New York New York!

New York New York!

Last month we stuffed our carry on’s with a few colorful dresses and hopped on a plane to NYC for work. But is there a cooler place to go and “work”?!  we don’t think so! Luckily while we were there we managed to still squeeze in some play. And by play, we mean eat. We… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Hat Braid


For #mombeautymonday I’m showing everybody how I get this hat braid look. It’s super easy, in fact, I almost didn’t do a video about it because I was thinking it’s too easy. But on my instagram @SummerBellessa I kept getting people asking, so here it is. I hope you like it. x Summer

New App Helps You Do Good


If you are the type of person that wants to do good in the world, but doesn’t know where to start, I’ve got the app for you. It’s called Time Machine, and it works with charities, brands, and good causes, to help build movements online and beyond. Download the free app here (Android coming soon),… [READ MORE]

We’re Going On HSN!!!


Hey everyone! We have some exciting news! Brooke and I are heading to Florida with HP, to share our excitement of color on HSN! Tune in on July 18th, and you’ll see our silly faces. We’ll be singing, dancing, goofing around, and showing off the colorful HP 17″ Pavilion Notebook. It’s live TV everyone, anything… [READ MORE]

Happy Birthday Priscilla!!


If you’re a true Girls With Glasses fan, you already know who Priscilla Chang is. She’s part of our team, and she’s amazing. I am so glad our paths crossed on instagram, and that we’ve been able to work together and become such good friends. It’s her birthday today, so we thought we would share… [READ MORE]

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